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Community Nursing care

In alliance with local communities, the community nursing care works today avoiding disease and illness; encourage healthy lifestyle round the lifespan by identifying the obligations to a healthy lifestyle and wellness. We work alongside with communities and families to empower individuals secure nominal care to metamorphose unhealthy lifestyle and sharing post-acute care to people in-need at home.

Our health care squad nurses in community work with people from the diverse cultural background and mostly in destitute among the marginalized communities. Our team empowers peoples to access care that can change unhealthy living conducts and offer post-acute care to individuals in their home.

It is important for a nurse to enhance work skills in the community as in decoding community health problems, capacity to take whole and sole responsibility and leaderships builds from there. Besides, it helps to enhance communication skills as wells make quick actions during emergencies. Our squad is reliable and friendly; has the experience and qualification to handle patients with discretion across all age groups.

Our community nursing care is an elucidative bridge between the acute segment and the community service. We hold a social health model to nurture wellness and wellbeing; raise a voice for the community accessing care. We maintain and support the individual’s security, safety, health, lifestyle, independence.

Our community nursing care service includes but not limited to:

  • Post-surgical care
  • Nursing care post-surgery
  • Assist with chronic conditions
  • Assist in palliative care nursing
  • Hospital in-home care
The Horizon Health Care is a place where people of diverse
backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations are welcomed and supported.