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Daily Living Skills

We offer custom-made support for a person’s community and home which aids you to steer the life you choose. Our daily living skills programs are accessible for all age groups; customized to support definite goals and needs for a positive improvement.

At the community, home, work or school be it for work or leisure; we provide one-on-one support throughout the week. When we chalk out your daily living skill support plan with you, we try to anticipate your requirement and customize the solution that fulfills your requirement.

Being one of the best disability solution experts; our team is highly qualified and experienced to hold up complex requirements for the person with disability and help them practice fundamental living needs, be it combing or using the dishwasher. We inspire and uphold the elementary rights of a person with a disability as equal citizens.

Our daily living skill services include but are not limited to:

  • Preparing for the day (dress/ undress, grooming)
  • Assistance in mobility to move around
  • We aid in managing household chores
  • Encourage health and fitness
  • Assist in setting up appointments to visit
  • Travel supports
  • Help in meal preparations
The Horizon Health Care is a place where people of diverse
backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations are welcomed and supported.