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Support and Companionship

Our healthcare team will be like your shadow all-round day and night, helping and assisting you with all your requirements. Be it planning your day, they can be your companion throughout the day. Be it physical support or emotional support we got your back in terms of safety and security too, our team is qualified and experienced in sharing positive companionship that makes the day look brighter.

Our support and companionship service are open and hospitable for all age group be it, disabled individuals or seniors. Our solutions are best suited for patients admitted to the hospital for a long term or a solo senior or individual’s recouping from major surgery, our companionship squad will be their constant support.

Support and companionship plan is designed to back individuals with well-being, motivation, and self-dependence. Our plans are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, you can also have us check on your family members when you are not available to check in on them.

Our healthcare team is reliable and friendly, who has expertise and qualification in offering positive support and companionship for individuals across all age groups. We believe in manifesting emotional stability and connect for enhancing lives, our relationship-centric approach has the ability to help participants develop positiveness and stay motivated.

Our support and companionship service includes but is not limited to:

  • Hospital visits
  • Residential visits
  • Companion for assisted traveling
  • Elderly companionship
  • Autism children
  • Disabled individuals
The Horizon Health Care is a place where people of diverse
backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations are welcomed and supported.