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NDIS Support Coordination

The National Disability Insurance Scheme has been helping millions of Australians, extending support and access to medical services, education, support groups, and sporting clubs. The goal of this scheme is to help children from their earliest age to move towards independence despite their disabilities.

By using NDIS support coordination services, you tend to optimize the scheme according to your priorities and requirements. The main role of any support coordinator is to understand your individual requirements, help you connect with support providers, and negotiate with them. In other words, they help ensure that your NDIS plan is being utilized according to your benefit.

Why Us?

We, at Horizon Healthcare, provide you with support coordination services for NDIS, with an aim to guide you to make the best utilization of the scheme. Our goal is to ensure that your disabilities have the least impact on your life, from performing basic activities to leading a happy, fulfilled, and independent life.

Our team of support coordinators is trained and experienced to connect with NDIS users, understand their requirements and negotiate with service providers to make the most out of your scheme.

Here’s what we ensure for you:

  • Understanding and fulfilling your individual requirements
  • Providing the best services from support groups and communities
  • Optimizing your scheme to make the best use of the funds available
  • Ensuring that you benefit fully from the scheme and the services you receive through it

To get in touch with us, please feel free to contact us on 1300 946 738. You may also write to us at

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