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Travel & Transport

Our travel and transport support service aid an individual with a disability to travel in and around the country as well as abroad if needed. We will help you get aid for utilizing public transportation which includes bus, trains, cabs etc. We can deploy a support team member in case of any complexities of travelling. We also help you apply for a free pass from public transport.

If you are on a wheelchair, we can aid you in using the train or scooters for independent travels within proximity. The bus service can be availed if you are comfortable using wheelchairs. We can also arrange wheelchair-friendly cabs and transport vehicle for travel purpose.

We have an experienced squad who can take care of your activities in and around the city, we also ensure travel and transport support on daily purpose for commuting to the workplace or for any medical visits.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Permit for free travel
  • Arrange transports
  • Travel supports
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